Kathryn Fieldhouse

Complementary Healthcare

Stress and anxiety
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Many people have expressed how their mental health has been affected during these difficult times. People have been experiencing higher  levels of anxiety, leading to increased feelings of stress, negatively affecting mood and disrupting sleep.

Essential oils have been shown to be beneficial in alleviating stress and anxiety, positively uplifting mood. Essential oils can easily be integrated within a massage and when combined with positive therapeutic touch, the results can be amazing for uplifting mood. A very effective and easy way to use essential oils is to use an aromastick which can be used at anytime, or try a room diffuser in your home. There are many fantastic essential oils available to use, three of my personal favourites include grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin. When combined these uplift my mood and calm my mind.

Please contact Kathy to discuss how essential oils may be of benefit to you and support your mental health with an aromatherapy massage or essential oils for homecare use.

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