Kathryn Fieldhouse

Complementary Healthcare

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional change which can be very demanding for a woman. As pregnancy develops, hormonal and musculoskeletal system changes gradually alters posture. This may result in backache, hip tension and aching legs, affecting everyday life, detrimentally affecting sleep and inducing anxiety.

Massage during pregnancy has been shown to be very beneficial, supporting pregnancy related ailments such as muscle tension, swollen feet and legs, fatigue, nausea, stress and anxiety, thus aiding relaxation.

Treatments are provided to promote feelings of relaxation in a comforting, supportive and nurturing environment, to help support the bond with your baby, and allow you to have much needed time to yourself.

What to expect at a treatment

Your treatment starts with a full consultation, including a postural assessment ensuring your individual needs are met. Kathy incorporates clinical massage techniques combined with eastern energy practices to provide the optimal massage treatment tailored throughout each stage of pregnancy and the post-natal period. Treatment may include massage on a pregnancy ball, all fours, couch or futon or a combination of these, with massage frequently given in the side lying position. Reflexology and aromatherapy may be offered as part of your treatment, to optimise your experience.

How will I feel after the massage?

Each client responds to massage in different ways. Clients feel many benefits from massage including reduced muscle tension, increased relaxation, calmness and being uplifted, nourished and grounded.

Kathryn Fieldhouse

Complementary Healthcare


Massage and pregnancy diploma APNT, 2020
Advanced massage techniques (Level 6), Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2019
Holistic massage level 4, MTI 2017

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