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Complementary Healthcare

Essential oil focus
Fennel on wooden table

Essential oil focus for this month is Foeniculum vulgare – Fennel

As summer gradually leads into autumn, I am working in my herb bed I crushed a few Fennel seeds, which produced the most amazingly sweet peppery aroma, which caused me to write about this extremely versatile essential oil. Additionally bumble bees love love them!

Fennel is a perennial herb, which can grow up to 2 meters high, with beautiful golden-amber flowers during the summer. The essentail oil is extracted from the seeds and not the large bulb we use in cooking.

Fennel is mainly from Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy and Greece. In-fact the Greeks were the first civilisation to acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of Fennel for the digestive system. Fennel’s benefit for the digestive system are widely acknowledged, just take a look around supermarkets and health food shops, and see the wide variety of herbal teas containing fennel.

Fennel is a wonderfully versatile essential oil providing support to multiple systems including the lymphatic, reproductive (menopause and menstrual cycles), respiratory and skin systems, which is too much to write in one post. Please look out for a weekly post throughout September on the various benefits to each of these systems.

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